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and making money from YouTube, there was simply no money in it and Twitter wanted us to suffer. DO YOU wanna SEE uncle kracker OR NO?". Be whatever you wanna. Ya got eggzma?" "I got what?" "You got eggzma?". Drag and Drop or select file. "Say Coloradoo." "I'iraffe!". "Two brooss chillin in a hot tub, 5 feet apart cuz they're not gay.".

"Mothertrucker, dude, that hurt like a buttcheek on a stick.". "All I wanna tell you is school's not important. They got a new thing called Freesha- Free- Freeshavaca-do.". ".And they were roommates" "Mah God they were roommates!" I could literally go on forever because I just reference vines on a daily basis. "Not to be racist or anything, but Asian people ssuughhh!". "How much did you pay for that taco?" Aight, yo, you know this boys got his free tacoo.".

girl blows vape* ".WoW". running* ".Daddy?" "Do I look like-?". "what ARE thoseeeee?" "they are my crocs!". So without further ado, here are some"s of Vines that most vine fanatics would know. I coulda dropped mah croissant.". You're gonna get in trouble. I don't know about 's summertime." "You ain't go to bed?" "Oh, she caught.". Pours water onto girl's face* "Hello?". "No this is a crayon-" I'm calling the police" *puts 911 into microwave* "911 what's your emergency?".

"Nate, how are those chicken strips?" "F#K YA chicken strips. "I spilled lipstick in your Valentino bag." "You spilled whaghwhha lipstick in my Valentino White bag?". I'm Jared, I'm 19 and I never f in learned how to read.". "Next Please." "Hello." "Sir, this is a mug shot." "A mug shot? I don't even drink coffee.". Me and my boys are going to see Uncle VE ME MY HAT back, jordan! "It's a anks".

"Hey, Tara you want some?" "This b*th empty. "happy birthday raven!" "I can't sweem.". "I wanna be a cowboy baby. "Get to Del Taco. "Wait oh yes, wait a minute. Guys bein dudes.". "Hi my name's Trey, I have a basketball game tomorrow.

"Go ahead and introduce yourselves." "My name is Michael with a B and I've been afraid of insects my entire-" "Stop, stop, stop. Custom Site, twitter, instagram, reddit.


"Hey, I'm lesbian." "I thought you were American.". Birds chirping* "Tweekle Tweekle.". "How'd you get these bumps? whispering* I like your accent.". "Dad, look, it's the good kush." This is the dollar store, how good can it be?". Blowing vape on table* * cameraman blows it away* "adam!". Can I please get a waffle?". "Jared, can you read number 23 for the class?" "No, I cannot. "Would you like the spider in your hand?" "Yea." "Say please." "Please." *puts spider in hand* *screams*.

More like Hurricane Tortilla.". Kumbaya my looordd.". "HoW dO yOu kNoW wHaT's gOoD fOr mE?" "that'S MY opinionnn!."."Welcome to Bible Study. If you wanna be. There's been a ton of threads on Twitter of everyone's favorite vines so I thought I'd jump in and share some of my favorites. "There's only one thing worse than a om" "A child." "No.". Rest in peace Vine.

".Hi Welcome to Chili's.". In 2017 we had to say goodbye to one of the best websites to ever roam the internet: Vine. Loading gif editor gifs, log in, sign up, email, password. "I brought you Frankincense." "Thank you." "I brought you Myrrh." "Thank you." "Mur-dur!" "!". "Oh hi, thanks for checking in I'm still a piece of garrbaagge.".

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"Can I get a waffle? F#K ya chicken strips!". "Hey, did you happen to go to class last week?" "I have never missed a class.". Is that a weed? We're all children of Jesus. "Happy Crimus." "It's crismun." "Merry crisis." "Merry Chrysler.". It contained 6-second videos that were mostly comedy, but there were other genres including music, sports, cool tricks, and different trends. Where?" "Hmm?" "Where's the B?" "There's a bee?". Vine stars would get together and plan out a Vine and film it till they got it right.

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Wel, l I'm a point guard, I got shoe game.". In case you have been living under a rock since 2013, Vine was -(sad face)- a website and app that took the internet and the app store by storm in Winter 2013. "Yo, how much money do you have?" "69 cents" "AYE, you know what that means?" "I don't have enough money for chicken nuggets.". "What's better than this? "Oh, I like ya accent where you from?" "I'm Liberian." "Oh, my bad. I wanna be a cowboy baby.". Vine, dribbble, anonymous 0 0, gIF, return to GIF, toggle dark mode. "Girl, you're thicker than a bowl of oatmeal!".

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